By John Austin

Captivating portraits by IRIS unveil a captivating world that seamlessly blends harmonious paint applications, creating emotionally charged surfaces. Her work, driven by the concept of Fluidism, draws inspiration from the intricate qualities of water, a complex substance that mirrors the essence of our biological composition and societal immersion.

What sets IRIS apart is her ability to activate the pictorial plane with a subtle yet powerful internalized intensity. The paint application flows incrementally, creating a quiet burn of recognition that ignites the imagery. This meticulous process results in remarkably organic compositions that convey a profound sense of fluidity inherent in both our biological makeup and the society we navigate.

In IRIS’ portraits, contours take shape within bold narratives, revealing facial expressions and overall compositions that invite viewers into the internal world of memories and dreams. Her use of acrylic and pencil imbues the artwork with a meditative quality, inviting contemplation and reflection on the fugitive immateriality of the world.

The artist’s works encourage us to explore different readings of apprehension, whether lived or imaginary, as experienced by her characters. The artist’s immersion into the exigencies of creativity reinforces the validity of her visual notations, creating a spontaneous drive for unlimited examination. The result is mesmerizing, with each piece reaching out to the viewer and subtly re-establishing the connections that bind us together.

IRIS’ art is not just about capturing moments; it’s a profound exploration of the dynamic interplay between passion and reason. The originality and inspiration that emanate from her work make it a captivating journey, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty and complexity found in the fluid state of things. In every stroke and nuanced detail, IRIS succeeds in creating a body of work that is not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant.

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