design boom –  harry shunk met jános kender in paris, where they would become life and work partners. from the 1950s to the early 1980s, the duo photographed the spectacular effervescence of the artistic avant-garde across paris and new york city, where they mixed with artists such as john baldessarichristo and jeanne-claudeyayoi kusama and many others. among the first to venture outside the photo studio to capture the otherwise private side of the creative scene, shunk-kender created an invaluable record of the art world and its most famous figures. the relationships they forged with the artists allowed them to capture private moments and uninhibited experimentation, particularly documented in their close friendship with french artist yves klein. a leading member of the french artistic movement ‘nouveau réalism’, or ‘new ways of perceiving the real’, klein’s life, work and world view can be intimately understood through shunk-kender’s lens. – read more 

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