D i V e R s I t Y 


International Contemporary Artists at Yukyung Art Museum

December 1-29.

 We are pleased to announce DiVeRsItY, an exhibition of 27 international artists at Yukung Art Museum, Geje, South Korea.

 An opening reception for the artists will be held on December 3.

  The exhibition will consist of the work by 27 international artists who make important contributions to contemporary art in the disciplines of painting, sculpture, photography, new and mixed media.

  This project is a message of diversity and unity bringing the artists together in one of the most challenging regions of the world.

 Participating artists include Léona Adoette (USA), Janice Alamanou (UK), Jasmin Aldin (Canada), Chris Bleicher (Germany), Susan Carnahan (USA), Ayano Couleur (Japan), Gunilla Daga (Sweden), DIGEMA (France), Nicholas Down (USA), Arthur Dworin (USA), Rajnita Jain (India), Ole Jakob Ihlebaek (Norway), Saito Cecilia Kaoru (Japan), Neil Kerman (USA), Svenja Lunise (Germany), Anna Myagkikh (UK), Bino Nord (Sweden), Bahar Oskay (Turkey), Marlen Peix (Germany), Wilhelm Shenrock (Russia), Ellen Sherman Zinn (USA), Nataly Sintez (USA), Alexandra van der Leeuw (Netherlands), Zohar Wallach (Canada), Wendy Yeo (UK), Kuzma Vostrikov (USA), Maika Zanetto (Italy).

 One of the most compelling aspects of this exhibition is the artists’ drive to articulate a dynamic equilibrium in their work by bringing into play perpetual combinations of colors, forms, shapes and gestural marks. What lies at the heart of their art is the vital sense of infinite space, an exteriority, and an equally persistent desire to connect a personal, space with the world filled with a rapturous sense of exhilaration.

 The result is an exceedingly richly layered body of work that seems compulsive, spontaneous and deliberate all at once. Through this all artists convey a realness of the self and of reality, the elemental simplicity of being.  All artworks presented at this exhibition are included in the collection of the museum.

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