By Paul Zimmerman

Sannie Guo’s paintings are a celebration of declarative artistry and the clarity of a holistic vision. There is a distinct sense of purpose in her work reminding viewers that expressive abstraction gains meaning a posteriori after the completion of the artwork. The intuitive aspect of her creations is paramount with the quality resting on the artist’s intuitive factor during the conception process.

Guo’s paintings characterized by color striations and textured mark making evoke natural and organic sensations. The flowing rivulets of paint across the pictorial plane create an almost elemental experience reminiscent of a summer breeze or tidal current. The artist skillfully captures the subtle transferences of energy between geological forces and natural bodies presenting non-objective patterns that represent the tracks of these energies.

Fragmentation sequencing and pacing are heightened in Guo’s work. Through the adept use of colors and tonal gradations the artist invites beholders into private realms that coexist within the same picture plane resembling parallel universes. Her paintings function conceptually as colorful palimpsests encoding fields that record events resulting from the conversation of kinetic rhythms into spatial intervals and value changes.

What makes Guo’s works compelling is the profound depth illusion created by modulations of local color combined with a vast array of surface inflections and textural variations. This coupled with her evident mastery of size and scale intensifies the microscopic-macroscopic dichotomy present in her art. Guo’s aesthetic impulse is regulatory yet laissez-faire allowing her to intuitively navigate her artistic journey without prearrangement.

This dance with materials and responsiveness to their inherent qualities results in a sharing of the artist’s insights into the intelligence and geography of paint. Each of her works is captivating both up close and from a distance exhibiting subtle shadings contrasts and projecting an aura of calm and inner light. Sannie Guo’s paintings invite viewers to appreciate the beauty of spontaneity and the harmonious interplay of elements within her carefully crafted compositions with¬†an aura of calm and an inner light.

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