Art in America – In post-apocalyptic literature and cinema, cyborgs are something to be feared, a dystopian mess of wires masquerading as human. But the truth may be stranger than fiction, if also more optimistic. Cyborgs are real; they manifest in new technologies that cure illnesses and disabilities with startling efficiency. “We Have Always Lived in the Future,” a group show at Flux Factory in Long Island City through April 22, is a multivalent investigation of how bodies collide with technology. The curators of the exhibition, Flux Factory artists-in-residence Joelle Fleurantin and Joshua Moton, call for an intersectional approach to technology that rejects the venture-capitalist mania for profitability that runs Silicon Valley. Theirs is a future where technology is truly for everyone, delimiting barriers to access and extending our scope of what’s possible. – read more 

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