Care Isn’t Enough for the Climate Crisis

Hyoerallergic - LONDON — “Care is a form of resistance.” This statement, borrowed from artist Otobong Nkanga, is a simple and potentially powerful premise for an exhibition exploring the climate crisis. Dear Ea...

BRICE MARDEN (1938–2023)

Art Forum - Brice Marden, who drew from Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism in pathbreaking explorations of gesture, line, and color that put him in a category of one, died August 9 at his home in Tivoli, New...

Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age

Artforum - So silent, cool, and aloof, beautiful really, those elegant, efficient, abstract machines . . . I suddenly found them hauntingly paintable. My paintings, while emphasizing their forms, both their coo...