artnews –  It was Virgil Abloh’s idea to use David with the Head of Goliath for my album Pray for Paris. When he was doing his Pyrex Vision clothes back in the day, he was using those kinds of images already. We thought we should take it back to the beginning because the year he started Pyrex was the same year I started rapping. When I had the opportunity to have him design a cover, I wanted him to take it back to what introduced me to him. And I felt like Pray for Paris would conquer hip-hop. It’s arguably one of the top three albums of 2020—it’s my favorite album of 2020! That’s what the image represents: me coming out and conquering and saying, “Hey, I’m here—there’s a new king.” And for the cover, Virgil brought the painting to life by putting my chains on it, which was dope. – read more 

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